Still Here, Still Working

A little update.

I’m still here, tinkering away. I’ve been doing some behind the scenes work. Last night I (think) I finished the warcroft video title theme. I’m using the Monster Hunters theme music because I love it and its burned into my brain.

Speaking of Monster Hunters. . . I’ve story boarded the next few episodes. Just have to nail the kids down so I can get it filmed. Also, just like Dumbledore was replaced in Harry Potter because the dude that played him died I need to replace one of the roles in Monster Hunters. Not because they have died. More so because they’ve had a hair cut. Or I could write it in somehow. Or, screw it, just roll with it.

The kids want to do their first ‘Lets Play’ videos so Ill get them sorted soon enough. And I’ve got mine to do.

So that’s where I’m at. But this damn thing called work takes up too much of my time. Will have to do something about that!

warcroft :)


One thought on “Still Here, Still Working

  1. andy

    good work

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