About Warcroft

I make stuff look good. 

Specialising in company logos, branding and identity but branching out into print ready files, screen printing, colour separation, vinyl cutting, small to grand format digital printing, heat transfer, shop front signage, stickers and decals, fleet vehicle branding, vehicle wraps.

I know what I’m good at and I know what I want to focus on and that’s to continue to produce your work at my level of attention and detail. A true graphic designer does not just sit in front of their computer making pretty pictures on the internet.

What most graphic designers are missing is the knowledge and hands on experience that only comes from producing and manufacturing the products and items which they have designed.
Sure, that logo looks great. But how is it going to be produced?

A customer has decided they want some stickers for their shop front windows. Anything beyond knowing what they want it to look like the customer has no idea of specifics or limitations… and they shouldn’t have to. That’s the job of the designer.

A true graphic designer should be able to assist the customer with any issues and requirements they initially wouldn’t have even considered.

This is where Warcroft Design has the edge!


Example 1

Burdetts Tipper Trailer Wrap

A client wants a custom designed vehicle wrap.

Any designer can make the initial concept proof look good. A true designer will know:

  • What print material to use
  • Which printers with what sort of inks
  • What laminate
  • How to install it
  • Equipment required
  • The techniques to use
  • Weather and temperature issues
  • Surface adhesion

…and most importantly, why. Being able to explain to the client why it needs to be done a particular way so they’re not caught out by any unforeseen circumstances.



Example 2

A customer wants some cafe barriers, umbrellas and other signage for their cafe. A designer can mock up a proof with the clients logo on some products and away they go. But…

  • How is it going to be produced
  • What fabric is being used
  • Can it even be printed on
  • Will it need to be screen printed
  • What about UV protection
  • What about sun exposure and fading
  • Is fading covered under warranty
  • What about council permits
  • What happens if it’s windy


Warcroft Design has that knowledge and experience. He has climbed over trucks and installed those vehicle wraps. He has designed, constructed, sewn, printed and installed those umbrellas. He has disassembled and repaired grand format digital printers (and the small ones too). He has been up to his elbows in inks, solvents and chemicals. All because he wants to know why things are done a particular way so you, the custmer, dont have to worry about it.


Warcroft Design

I make stuff look good.