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With close to 20 years experience in the graphic design and print industry Warcroft Design has an extremely broad range of design, print, production and installation experience.
He has spent years doing graphic design for large corporate companies handling their branding requirements. On an almost daily basis working with the likes of (to name a few) Coke and Schweppes. Toll, Linfox, SCT and Mainfreight. ABC and Channel 7. Peroni, Corona and Heineken.

Based in Frankston on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula, Warcroft Design is taking a step back and refocusing on what truly satisfies his passion… helping small businesses with their needs to achieve their goals and requirements. I can even take care of the printing, production and installation side of things. That’s less you need to worry about. A complete customised and personalised service for you.


Then there is the flip side…
You already have a logo you’re happy with and you need to produce new business cards, stationary or anything. But you cant find your company logo! All you have is the logo on your business card.

Warcroft Design can completely recreate your company logo and branding in vector format and provide you with all the various file types you will need.
Find what you can. A business card, letter head, logo from your web site… whatever you have. Send it to Warcroft Design and your logo will be completely rebuilt in vector format.
But not just logos. It could be stickers, labels, decals, banners, flyers… let me take a look and see what we can do.

Most importantly, this is not a simple ‘button click, auto live trace’ recreation as offered by some services. Warcroft Design will completely rebuild your artwork from scratch.

Take a look at these videos to get an idea of the work involved.

If you have ever zoomed into an image you will see it becomes blurry. That’s a raster image. An image made up of pixels.
But a vector image is made up of reference points and lines between them (so to speak). So no matter how much you zoom in or increase the image size it will stay sharp and clear. Which is why it is perfect for signage, displays, print and so much more.

When your work is created by Warcroft Design you will receive a range of file types for various purposes. Different file types and profiles are required for different purposes and production methods.
Some of the file types, formats and profiles you can receive include:

  • AI
  • EPS
  • PDF
  • Vector/Raster
  • CMYK
  • RGB
  • PMS
  • Colour Separated.

Don’t know what all those terms mean? I do, so you don’t need to worry about it.  Also, if you specifically need a particular file format then I can do that too.
And for piece of mind… if you happen to lose your files down the track you can rest assured that Warcroft Design still have them on file for you. Just contact me and Ill get them straight to you.