Logo Recreation

The WillowThere comes a time for every business when you need to produce new business cards, stationary or anything. But you cant find your company logo.

Didn’t Bob in accounting have it last? No, he emailed it Jane in human resources, but she left two years ago. What about the person who created it nine years ago? The daughter of that guy that did some work for you once?


Find what you can. A business card, letter head, logo from your web site… whatever you have. Send it to me and I’ll recreate your logo from it and send it back to you in numerous high quality, printable formats.

If you specifically need a particular file format then I can do that too.
File types and formats you will receive include:

  • AI
  • EPS
  • PDF
  • Vector/Raster
  • CMYK
  • RGB
  • PMS
  • Colour Separated.

Don’t know what all those terms mean? I do, so you don’t need to worry about it.

Have a look at some examples which were recreated in vector format. Vector images can be blown up to any size and still be crisp and sharp.

Langwarrin Soccer ClubCity of Boynton Beach


Visit the gallery for more examples.


And for piece of mind… if you happen to lose your logo down the track you can rest assured that I’ll still have it on file for you.

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