About Growing Up

Why ‘Growing up Gaming and Gaming Growing Up’? I’ve been gaming pretty much my entire life. Ever since Nintendo created the ‘Game and Watch’ Ive been busting my thumbs on buttons.
Even to this day I can still rattle off the Atari 2600 games I had and in the order I got them (Combat, PacMan, River Raid, Superman, Starmaster, Gas Hog, Gyrus. . . on it goes).

My two kids are now 8 and 6 (you can see them in the Monster Hunters video to the right), they’re living the gaming upbringing. My daughter is not so heavily into gaming, although she loves to hang out in Minecraft lobbies talking crap and begging people for items.
My son is currently going through a rampant Terraria addiction. Lately, every conversation with him starts with “Daaad, on Terraria…”

On one hand I love that he’s so passionate about Terraria. He reads and watches everything about it and it is a pretty complex, in-depth game. But on the other hand I wish he’d talk to me about something else. He did go through the same ‘problem’ with Angry Birds, Plants vs Zombies, Left 4 Dead (dont ask) and Minecraft.

So there we have it. Ive grown up gaming and my kids are gaming growing up.

I hope to post mine and their gaming lives on this site and maybe some non-gaming related stuff. . . for balance. . . and to show we do do other things.

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