Logo Creation and Updating

Creating a memorable company logo isnt always as easy as one would think. Sometimes the perfect idea will hit you like a bolt of lightning. Other times it can take hours of rough sketches until you refine your scribbles into an inspired piece.


Yes there are online services which let you create your logo using some basic drag and drop functionality, but your logo will look ordinary or generic and because of the lack of available templates you will run the risk of duplicating someone elses generic logo.

You will only gain true satisfaction from a custom made, personal logo, which speaks to you directly, created by someone that has you and your business at the forefront of their thoughts.


What about  if your company logo or branding is looking dated and you want brought up to modern standards? Then email me your artwork along with some ideas you might have and I will get to work on modernising it for you.

It could be a complete rework or, if you’re fond of your old logo, it might just need a slight alteration.


Visit the gallery for more examples and ideas. Or contact me to get things moving.