Leigh James Voice Microphone


Some voices of mine, suitable for villains, evil tyrants or even unhinged and unstable characters for your video game, animated series, audio drama or whatever you may need.

This demo was also produced by me as an example of what I can create for you.

An assortment of characters.
Military Commander, Viking bar tender, frustrated scientist, happy-go-lucky arms dealer, hostage, fight coach, arena announcer.

This demo was also produced by me as an example of what I can create for you.

A snippet from an audio book/audio drama of two rival characters having a conversation in a tavern. Including narration, character voices, sound effects and music.

This audio series was produced by me and more samples of this production can be found on my Audio Production page.

For Audio Book and Audio Drama narration head over to my AUDIO PRODUCTION page.
Other forms of narration, see below.

Overlord Gaming

Gaming Analytics YouTube Channel

I have narrated for the YouTube channel ‘Overlord Gaming’ for a few years. Its video content features analytical analysis of the video game industry. Its not uncommon for the scripts to be over 20,000 words.

Descript – Overdub

Artificial Intelligence Voice Synthesiser

Provided over 12 hours of narration to Descript to help in the programming and development of their ‘Overdub’ artificial intelligence voice synthesiser. My voice was used to train the artificial intelligence in how to speak, resulting in the AI being able to accurately create and replicate my voice from some written text, including inflections, pronunciations, accent, etc.
I (my voice) has quite literally ascended to a sentient being (not quite, but it was a fascinating experience).


Artificial Intelligence services
to assist humans and improve machines

My voice was once again used for Artificial Intelligence. This time for the Mentis Virtual Assistant prototype which was demonstrated at technology expos.

The History of Mortal Kombat

Narrator – Ten Episode Series

Charles the Octopus – Other Minds

An animated excerpt from the book ‘Other Minds’ by Peter Godfrey Smith.

Video Games


Unsettling interactive narrative into the world of psychotherapy

Catalyst is an interactive narrative into the world on psychotherapy. The story is told through audio tape recordings of the main characters (me) psychotherapy sessions.

Alpha Spectrum

Cyberpunk Themed RPG

Numerous characters.
Humanity has successfully advanced technologically. The world is connected. Until an organisation with greater power strived to eradicate all humanity had worked for…

Ravens Point

Horror Game

Welcome to Raven’s Point.
Raven’s Point is an indie-horror game that focuses on fun, challenging and frightening game play.

Leigh James Repella Fella

Repella Fella

Interactive, decision driven game

Still in development.
Voiced numerous characters the player meets and interacts with.

    • Skyrim: Raven Chopper
         Numerous Characters
    • Jaws of Extinction
      Various Minor Characters
    • Freespace 2 Remake
         Trailer Monologue
    • Friendly Fire
         Arena Announcer
    • Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask
         Minor Part
    • Among Them
         Captain Rodgers
         (experimental concept game for the blind)

Podcast and Audio Drama Appearances
For my own Audio Drama productions head over to my AUDIO PRODUCTION page.

    • Boston Harbor Horror
         Aircraft Commander
    • Boston Horror O-315
         Dr. Benjamin Atwood, Psychiatrist
    • Sems Adventures Across Time

    • Scoophound
    • The Skull Faced Boy
    • Marvel: Vision Quest

Assorted Characters

Leigh James Mining Boom Ringer

Mining Boom – S01E07

  • Ringer

Leigh James Stereotypical British Guy

Indian Tutorial Guy: The Movie

  • Stereotypical Colonial English Guy
    (that’s the villains ‘actual’ name)

Prime Minister Mason Johnson

Emu War: The Movie

  • Prime Minister Mason Johnson
  • Candidate Isaac

Leigh James Commentators

PewDiePie and T-Series never saw THIS coming…

  • Commentators

Leigh James License for Laughing

Australia is a LIE!

  • License for Laughing Officer

Destiny 2: From the Ashes

  • Reagan

Leigh James Lawbreakers


  • Benny