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Leigh James Voice Actor Narrator


Narrator | Voice Actor | Audio Producer

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Voice and Audio Production Demos

Hi, I’m Leigh James,

I use to ‘just’ be a voice actor, but why only be good at one thing when you can be great at many?

I voice act for many forms of media and I also narrate for things like audio books, audio dramas and analytical content.

I’m an audio producer too! Creating and producing audio dramas including my

(which I also narrated and voice acted).

While things are being rebuilt, contact me at:

Novel to Audio Drama Conversion.
Chapter One sample. Full production, narration, characters, music and effects.

A Man of the Mountain – The Complete Series
My number one rating audio drama.

I had already planned to buy the book…now I can’t wait to get it!
This was really good and I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for sharing this.
I discovered Catturd on gab about a year ago and became a instant fan.

I like it, it’s really cool!
You’re talented – just keep doing what you’re doing.

Highlight of my day!
Binged the entire thing in one night, very captivating. In this pod you hear about a disturbed psyche captured from an enthralling point of view. All the characters have so much depth. First time I have heard of this producer but am a big fan now.

Cheesy fun tale with a unique (?) twist.
The first episode didn’t blow me away but I decided to stick with it and had a blast. Fun characters and cheesy storyline make this a fun show to binge to. Looking forward to more podcasts like this.


Holy moly what a video. It’s hard not getting affected by the raw emotion in your voice… and I couldn’t agree more.

I really enjoy collaborating with you and think that you produce amazing content. Your talent is insane!

You are one of the most talented people I have ever met.

He is a really skilled actor, one of the best on the page. He is also very responsive and takes direction really well.

You sound like what the perfect AI speech would sound like.

Best narration in all of YouTube!

You sound like a text to speech program, and I love it!

Stellar voice acting! Really sells the whole thing.
Re: ‘Catalyst’ (Single Character Narrative Video Game)