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20 years experience in graphic design printing and installations.

20 years experience in computer repairs, custom computer building and all manner of IT. Call 0411 091184

Graphic Design & Printing

Business cards, brochures and flyers. Stickers, decals, banners, posters. Digital print and Screen Print. Vinyl cut stickers and heat transfers. This is where the magic happens.

Logos and Branding

Get a new logo, update your logo or have your logo redrawn. Your logo and branding is the first impression customers have of you and your business. Make it a good one!

PC Repairs and Custom Builds

This page is under construction. Computer repairs, services and IT related issues. Software and hardware. New custom computers built to your requirements.


The Warcroft Design Gallery displays a wide variety of works for satisfied customers. Includes design, manufactured and installed works.

Graphic Design, Printing and Installation Services:

Company Logos, Branding and Identity
Unique, custom made corporate logos which personally represent your business. But you shouldn’t stop there. Have your business logo branded across all your office stationary. Own your new company logo and identity. Become recognisable to your clients and potential customers. Make your logo stand out to the public.

Stickers, Labels and Decals
Custom stickers, packaging labels and decals, designed, manufactured and installed. A one stop service for all your branding needs. Design, print and installation. No matter your requirements. Digital print, screen print, vinyl cut and domed stickers suitable for windows, cars, equipment, machinery and many more surfaces. Heat transfer stickers are for various fabrics, both natural and synthetic, such as t-shirts and canvases.

Internal and External Signage
Signage covers things like A-boards, pull-up banners, cafe barriers and cafe umbrellas, hanging banners and posters to name a few. There’s also signage such as window frosting and custom designed digital print wallpaper. The custom wallpaper is fantastic for a feature wall at home or in the office. It can be easily removed in later years, not damage the wall surface or leave any residue and it can be reapplied onto another wall! All of these products are designed be Warcroft Design. Warcroft Design can also handle the printing and manufacture of your signage.

Car Stickers, Decals and Wraps
Brand your vehicles with your company logos and advertising. Or even apply stylish, custom design artwork to your personal car. From vinyl cut stickers to full digital wraps. The graphic design possibilities are endless.

and more!

Computer Repairs and Custom Built Computers:

On-Site Service. I come to you!

Computer Repairs and Upgrades
Something wrong with your PC? You don’t know what it is but it’s not working right. It just doesn’t feel right. Corrupted software, damaged hardware or maybe even PEBKAC issues.
Or, on the flip side, there’s nothing really wrong with your computer it’s just old and struggling with today’s smooth operating requirements. In most cases you don’t need a new computer. Your computer might just need a fix. A service. A part replaced. Or a new lease on life. Computer repairs don’t need to be a headache.

Custom Computer Builds
If you want to buy a new computer then my advice is… Do not buy a Mac! I repeat, do not buy a Mac! Also don’t buy a pre-built PC from a major retailer.
The savings you can make and the performance you can gain from your own custom built PC is substantial. The latest available hardware, chosen and configured specifically for you. Future proofed, flexible and upgradable. No ‘designed obsolescence’ to force you to buy a new computer every couple of years. A custom built personal computer is designed and built for you.

Installations, Removals and Repairs
Whether it’s to install your printer on your computer, install your computer in your home or office, or anything in between. For some it can be a headache. But it doesn’t need to be.
Equally if you need to uninstall software or remove hardware. However, the repair of software and hardware can understandably be a headache. And rightly so. Quite often there are no tell-tale signs of whats wrong with your computer so it’s good to find someone who considers the headache a challenge. A problem to be solved. You need a computer whisperer to find why your computer needs a repair.

Recover Deleted Files
If you have mistakenly deleted files and then even emptied your recycle bin… STOP! Stop immediately! There is a very high chance those deleted files are still on your computer because when you delete files only the index reference to the files has been deleted, so your computer just thinks the files have been deleted. But they’re still there. However, if you continue to use your computer the more you do the greater the chance the ‘actual’ files will be written over. Your deleted files can be recovered if you stop using your computer and act quick! If you have continued to use your computer then there is still a chance your deleted files can be recovered.

Get Your Computer Up and Running Again!
A slow, buggy, under-performing computer isn’t dead. It just needs a little love, care and attention to breath new life into it. Get rid of the viruses. Get rid of the bloat. Fix the broken bits and give it a good scrub from head to toe. Don’t put it down. Take it to the vet, get some antibiotics and it will be up and about in no time.
What am I talking about? Call me and I’ll come and get your computer playing fetch again.

Graphic Design and Print File TypesPrint Ready Files for:

Digital Printing
Vector and raster file formats. RGB, CMYK. PMS colour profiles. Whatever the requirements.
Screen Printing
Colour separated files ready for film printing.
Vinyl Cutting
Colour separated files created for vinyl cutting. Set up for appropriate cutter widths and media widths. Artwork files are also laid out to obtain the best and most economical yield.
Heat Transfer
Digital print and cut or straight to cut files for heat transfer material.
and more!

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Leigh Gorrie Graphic DesignerAbout Me

Warcroft Design has 20 years experience in the print and graphic design and printing industry, working with small to large to grand format printing and manufacturing companies. A side effect of this is being extremely adept at computer repairs (software and hardware) and at building custom PC’s for clients individual needs. Warcroft Design can provide a focused, intimate service to customers, covering many aspects of the graphic design, printing and IT landscape. Warcroft Design is a graphic designer and computer repair located in Frankston on Melbourne‚Äôs Mornington Peninsula. However the graphic design and computer repair services can stretch far beyond.


I know what I’m good at and what I want to focus on and that is to produce your work at my level of attention and detail.

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